Monday, January 12, 2015


After waking up at 6:00 AM and trying to get back to sleep until she gave up and let excitement wash over her. At this point she was too delighted to stay in bed any longer. She got up to pace around her room until her sister roused herself from bed. Unfortunately Sarah had pulled the late shift the night before and wouldn’t get up until 1:00 PM.

At 11:00 AM, after waiting for what felt like years, Della decided to get out of the house and leave a note for her sister. Sure Sarah might be mad that she left without saying goodbye, but Della was too restless to stay.
She left her note on the counter near her sisters battered french press coffee maker.

Dear Sarah,
I’ve just gone out for a walk. I have last year’s birthday money and my cellphone so don’t be worried. I’ll meet you back at O’Harleys’s before the end of your shift.

With that, Della walked out into what was an unusually warm and sunny day for January. She decided to stop into Christine’s Cupcakery for a chocolate-chocolate cupcake. On your birthday you can eat cupcake for breakfast, right?

After asking for a candle, Della stopped by the K. Roger’s to buy a bouquet of flowers and headed to eat the cupcake with her parents. Della gently placed the bouquet between the graves and plopped down on the bench which overlooked their headstones. Unsurprisingly Boo was waiting for her when she got there. Della reclined into an afternoon among her best friends.

Towards 6:30 PM, Della removed herself from her bench and began her long journey back to reality. She turned up at O’Harley’s at 6:45, just in time to have dinner before her sister ended her shift. She ordered a burger and fries- the only food O’Harley’s could get right. After she finished, Sarah came out clapping with some of the kitchen staff and presented Della with K. Roger’s birthday cake.

10 candles- make a wish.


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  2. Hey I'd like to interact with you in my next blog (maybe hire you at the apartment building?)

  3. Hello, I would like to interact with you in the graveyard if that works for you.