Sunday, February 1, 2015

If I Laugh

They were back.

Since she started working for Magdalene Kitch, Della had been able to keep the nightmares at bay. She continued to dream of the cameras hidden around Dreamwood Terrace. She'd even let her self think she was getting better, if only slightly. Having no idea what could have caused them to come back, Della dressed quickly and headed towards the cemetery.

The decaying flowers from her birthday were gone and the grass looked cut, which meant Leonard had been by earlier. And there was Boo! She hadn't seen him since her nightmares ended. Calming herself by nuzzling his soft, light-brown fur, she rocked back and forth trying to think of something that would dissipate the tightness in her chest.

Just after sunset, before the light had truly disappeared, Della headed to New Hope Children's Home to meet Sarah. When she wasn't working, Sarah was volunteering at the children's home just like her mother had.

Della waited outside next to a bonfire. She watched as the flames leaped, danced and crackled with laughter. She wished to be that happy again. Suddenly she burst out laughing and couldn't stop. She was so caught in her fit that she didn't notice when another woman walked up. She immediately straightened up and regained her composure. She made "polite chit-chat" as her mother would call it, until Sarah came out. Sarah nodded her goodbyes to the woman and the sisters headed for home. 

Along the way and all through dinner, Sarah chattered about her day. But Della's happiness had worn off. She couldn't stop thinking about the night. She could never tell Sarah what she saw in her dreams. Praying that her work tomorrow would keep them away she closed her eyes and pushed herself into sleep.

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